Tantric Massage Perth

tantric massage perth

Something different, transformational, and healing

Lady Qadesh is a professional tantric massage therapist based in Perth, with over a decade of experience. Here you can work on healing sexually, clearing shame and guilt, and improving the quality of your sexual relationships.

Tantra is an art

All it requires from you is to be open and willing to learn new ways to connect to your body or letting go of old patterns and habits that no longer serve you. A tantra massage allows you to go deeper within yourself.

tantric massage perth
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What is Tantric therapy?

A tantric massage doesn’t mean intercourse. It does however involve a high level of sensuality. Depending on the practitioner the massage may be carried out on a table or a matt on the floor. No two tantra massages are alike. Each practitioner is diverse and develops their own style. It is like dancing with different people. Personally I prefer a matt as it allows for more body to body touch, which adds another element of eroticism and sensuality.

You will be immersed in feminine energy the entire time, so let go of any thoughts and allow yourself to simply receive.

You whole body including all your erogenous zones get stimulated, from head to toe. Before I move onto direct genital touch or lingam touch your body gets sensitised and slightly aroused. It may feels like an awakening and at the same time it allows you to relax and surrender into the experience. There are no goals or expectations, only pleasure. Be in the moment.

You may find calmness and peace or inner strength, maybe even a little more confidence and realise there is more to life. The massage increases your awareness of your body’s erotic energy, sensations and helps you to understand and manage/spread your sexual energy through your entire body. It can be part of your Self Care practice or taking a break from life.

I am convinced you will love the experience. After all it is a journey to be enjoyed, nothing to be achieved, pleasure deepens, ebbs and flows, wonderful bliss and whole body sensations. The sense of harmony and balance can last for several days after, sometimes longer.

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What are the benefits of Tantric massage?

A tantra massage has the power to create healing, aids in releasing shame, guilt and more that may hold you back in intimate encounters. You may notice any pressure of performing is completely gone. This is a wonderful benefit and many men notice their erections are stronger and/or longer lasting. If you experience early ejaculation you will be better equipped for the future. If you feel numb or have difficulty reaching orgasm/ejaculation this is a great way to retrain your body and mind. A prostate massage can be added, but this is optional. Massaging the prostate has some health benefits such as relieving symptoms of prostatitis, which has been known for a long time. In addition it may decreases the chance of prostate cancer or the occurrence of impotence. Besides that many men report stronger sensations and orgasms. After all the prostate is your G-spot. Ejaculation/non ejaculation – you may or may not ejaculate. To gain complete control of your ejaculation allow some time and practice. There are several techniques (breath, pc muscle) that can be applied and finding out which one works best for you may take several sessions.

Understandably some people are shy or nervous when they come and see a tantric practitioner for the first time. Due to my genuine friendly and down to earth personality you will feel at ease almost the moment I open the door.

At the beginning of the session we will have conversation that allows you to ask any questions you may have. You are able to settle in, get used to the environment, have a shower if you need to. Then it is time to surrender into a blissful, sensual experience that takes you beyond of what you knew.

Soft music plays in the background. I tune into your body as the session unfolds and work my magic. I guide and encourage you to breathe and use my own breath to remain consciously connected to you. This allows you to drop deeper into presence and relaxation.

This is your time to switch off from the world and indulge into your senses.
After the session you are welcome to have a shower, slowly get back to reality and debrief before you step outside.

The overall experience of my tantra massage is very nourishing (physically, mentally and emotionally relaxing), empowering and potentially life changing. You may be surprised how much you felt. It can be healing, transformational, rejuvenating and replenishing. You may notice and sense of wholeness.


How to make an enquiry if you’re in Perth?

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